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A message from Mrs Bedgood

Dear Parents and Carers,  I hope everyone is well and coping with week 5 (I think...) of lockdown. We continue to receive lots of super work from many of you and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents out there for doing such a stunning job!  This situation is difficult, stressful and something we have never experienced before, yet you are rising to the occasion and helping us by making this huge effort. We fully understand that at times it may be difficult to motivate children and we are sensitive to the fact that everyone is doing their best. If trying to complete all tasks is too much then please use your own judgement - no one wishes to add stress to this situation - the main priority is to stay healthy and get through it together. If you feel that there are too many messages etc. please feel free to turn off your dojo notifications for a while and tune in at a later date! If you need something more bespoke for your child then please contact us.  If you need any advice or support that we may be able to offer then please get in touch - Monday mornings are best but someone is here every day, and you can always email the Office on or send Mrs Taylor a Dojo message.  The main point of this message is to say 'well done everyone and just do what you can!'  We have no indication yet regarding schools opening - but the MAT is planning to involve all head teachers in planning a way forward when this eventually happens. We will all be a little different after this I'm sure...and need to approach all decisions with a level head and sensitivity.  Once again, please get in touch if you need support, want to ask questions or make suggestions.  Anne