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Our Governors are: -

Janine Storer (Chair)

Susan Holloway (Vice- Chair)

Howard Collerson

Richard Hopkins-Burton

Gillian Roberts

Rebecca Shaw

Vacancies: 1 Parent Governor

                  1 Staff Governor

                  2 Co-opted Governors

The Governing Body at Stockton Primary School currently has two vacancies for Co-opted Governors. Co-opted governors fulfil all the normal functions of the governing body and are appointed by the governing body based on their skills, experience and expertise. Governors play an important part in the leadership of the school and work together with staff to make sure that the school provides a challenging and supportive environment for all our pupils. Governors do not need to be experts in the field of education but you do need to have the time and the willingness to get involved.  We would be particularly interested to hear from candidates with experience or expertise in finance/accountancy, particularly procurement, purchasing and/or contract management; human resources; property/estate management; professional leadership skills and those who have links with the local business community. We would also welcome candidates with experience of being a board member in another setting. Governors also need to be able to work as team and develop relationships with a range of people, have the ability to question and to make connections between different types of information.  All governors are expected to be able to read straightforward budget reports and data on school standards.  Training is provided and the usual term of office is four years from the date of appointment.

Expressions of interest and requests for further information should be made to the Clerk of the Governing Body, Mrs Maria Page at

Headteacher - Anne Bedgood

Clerk to Governors - Maria Page


Why do schools need governors?

Every school has a governing body to represent the public in the way the school is run. School governors work with the staff and with Stowe Valley Multi-Academy Trust to help secure the best possible education for the children in the school. They have important responsibilities like managing the school budget, overseeing the curriculum and appointing staff.


What do governors do?

Being a governor means having the opportunity to help young people achieve their goals and ambitions. Governors make sure that staff have the right tools to broaden pupils’ knowledge and widen their horizons. In essence it’s about making things better.

The purpose of governance is to create robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance.  All governing bodies have three core functions:

  • Ensuring a clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

(Governance Handbook 2017)

Effective governance is based on six key features:

  • Strategic leadership - governors make key decisions like appointing the head teacher and agreeing how the school budget should be spent.
  • Accountability - governors' decisions directly affect the education and well-being of children.
  • People with the right skills, expertise and qualities.
  • Structures that reinforce clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Compliance with statutory and contractual requirements.
  • Evaluation to monitor and improve the quality and impact of governance - governors can really make a difference in improving standards throughout a school. 

Governors do not have to be experts, but schools need people who have some time to offer and an interest in helping to ensure that children and young people receive the best possible education from their school. 


Governor training

Warwickshire Governor Services ensures that all school governors in Warwickshire receive the support, advice and training necessary to make them effective governors and enable them to fulfil their statutory duty to promote school improvement.
All newly appointed governors must complete the Effective Governance of Schools training course which is regularly held at various venues within Warwickshire in the daytime and evenings.  Governors are actively encouraged to attend regular training in order to keep their skills up to date.  Please contact the clerk for further information. 

Types of governors

Parent governor:

You can only become a parent governor if your child attends the school.  Schools arrange elections for parent governors whenever there is a vacancy. Contact the clerk to find out if there is a vacancy coming up.

Staff governor:

You can only become a staff governor if you are employed at the school. Schools arrange elections for staff governors whenever there is a vacancy. Contact your head teacher to find out if there is a vacancy coming up.

Local Authority governor:

If you are interested in becoming an LA governor contact the school who will be able to advise you.
Co-opted governor:
Co-opted governors are appointed by the other governors on the governing body based on the skills, expertise and qualities they bring to the governing body.  Co-opted governor vacancies are advertised on the school website. 


The full governing body of Stockton meets on average 6 times a year. Additional meetings are held as necessary. The clerk takes the minutes at these meetings. Each full governing body meeting focuses on one the key aspects of governance:
  • Resources - which deals with such matters as finance and budgets, staffing and personnel, health and safety and premises.
  • Performance and Standards - which deals with school improvement, standards and assessment, parents and community, Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) inclusion and extra curricular provision and many other aspects of school life.

Patch Meetings:

Each governing body nominates members (known as Patch Representatives) to attend local Patch Meetings once a term.  Patch Meetings provide the opportunity to meet with governors from the locality to share ideas and to find out about and discuss new developments.  Each meeting has a focussed agenda and is usually led by an officer from Governor Services. 

The Patch Representatives are also invited to attend County Forum Meetings, which take place once a term.
Please contact the Clerk to the Governing Body, Mrs Maria Page at if you have any queries or would like to enquire about becoming a governor at Stockton Primary School. 
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