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The Curriculum

We base our curriculum on the statutory documentation within the national curriculum and enrich it with our connected and core skills learning curriculum.

Children’s learning in different subjects is linked through a topic which will often last for 5-6 weeks. The topics enable staff to teach in a more creative and cross curricular way whilst retaining the integrity of a science lesson, history lesson etc. Each topic focuses on one or two subjects as the main drivers.

Children in KS1 and Reception have a daily phonics lesson, literacy lesson and numeracy lesson. These lessons are linked to the overall topic theme as and when appropriate. Lessons in KS2 build on these foundations and include daily Literacy and Numeracy lessons.

Over the course of the year we hold parents information evenings for specific areas of the curriculum such as Phonics in the Early Years, and SATS requirements for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  Staff are available most days both before and after school, and can be contacted via the school office if parents and carers require more information about the curriculum being taught to their children.

Should you require any more information about the curriculum please contact Mrs Bedgood our Head teacher via Mrs Taylor in the School Office.

Core Learning Skills

These skills are fundamental to learning and performance in education, work and life. They are universal.

This element of the curriculum supports children in developing these key skills through a series of units which each last for half a term. The whole school focuses on the same unit at any one time and thus areas are revisited each year.

Core learning skills covered are:

  • Developing a sense of self worth
  • Developing independence and responsibility
  • Improving own learning and performance
  • Learning with others
  • Speaking and listening
  • Thinking skills


We use 'Letters and Sounds' as the core document for the delivery of phonics.  This is supplemented with resources from Jolly Phonics and Read Write Inc.

Reading Schemes

We use a variety of reading schemes throughout the school.  We start off with books from the Dandelion reading scheme in early years, and then progress to the Chip, Biff and Kipper stories from the Oxford Reading Tree.  We also use the Oxford University Press guided reading scheme for children in Key Stage 2.

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